What Are the Most Common Misconceptions About HVAC Units?

common HVAC myths

Heating and cooling expenses make up a large percentage of your energy bills. When you’re looking for ways to reduce your energy usage, make sure you’re not falling for common HVAC myths. Keep the following in mind so you can save energy with your HVAC system the right way.

Myth: You Don’t Really Need Routine HVAC Maintenance

Routine HVAC maintenance is a crucial part of ensuring that your HVAC system works efficiently. Without these maintenance visits, your heating and cooling system could be running more often than it needs to. This can lead to excessive wear and tear that shortens its life span while also increasing your energy bills.

Myth: Air Filters Only Have to Be Replaced Annually

Having air filters replaced only once each year means your system isn’t heating or cooling your home as efficiently as possible. During maintenance visits, your HVAC technician can change your air filter for you and make sure it’s replaced as often as needed throughout the year.

Myth: You Can Lower Energy Bills by Closing Vents

Keeping vents closed in rooms you don’t use often might seem like a good way to reduce your energy bills. However, doing this can end up raising them. Having cooled or heated air build up inside the ducts near these areas can result in air leakage and higher energy bills.

Myth: Turn Your Thermostat Way Up or Down to Heat or Cool Your Home Quickly

This is one of the more common HVAC myths, but the truth is that cranking your thermostat up or down won’t heat or cool your home quickly. It still takes time for your heating or cooling system to reach your set temperature.

Myth: Shut Your HVAC System Off to Save Energy

Turning off your HVAC system when you won’t be home isn’t going to help you save energy. Your system will have to run longer and work harder to reach your thermostat setting when you turn it back on.

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