Why an Outdoor HVAC Unit Is a Good Thing for Your Home

outdoor HVAC

The typical residential split-system heating and cooling unit is made of many mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components housed inside an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The indoor HVAC components usually get the most attention because that’s where the thermostat, air vents, and air filter are located. Content below will share the basic workings of the outdoor heating and air system and how to make the unit work better for your home comfort and energy savings.

Outdoor HVAC Unit: Compressor Unit

The outdoor unit houses components that help remove heat from your home in the “Cool” mode setting and which release heat into your home in the “Heat” mode setting using refrigerant. The component that prepares the refrigerant to remove or release heat energy is the compressor.

The two most popular types of compressors you’ll find in a residential outdoor unit are the reciprocating compressor and the scroll compressor. The reciprocating compressor uses pistons that move up and down to create a vacuum to compress refrigerant vapor into a liquid state. The scroll compressor achieves the same result using a different design with fewer parts, which makes it more efficient and reliable.

Outdoor HVAC Unit: Condenser Coil

As the compressor manipulates cold refrigerant vapor into a hot-refrigerant liquid state, the hot refrigerant flows into a component called a condenser. The condenser consists of a coil tubing and thin fins. Condensers are typically manufactured of copper, aluminum, or both metals (e.g., a copper coil tubing and aluminum fins). These metals easily transfer heat energy to cool or heat your home.

Outdoor HVAC Unit: Blower Assembly

Like the indoor HVAC unit, the outdoor HVAC unit needs ample and unrestricted airflow for maximum efficiency. Airflow is provided by the blower motor and blower fan. The blower motor is the noisiest component of your HVAC unit, and it uses the most energy.

Remember that professional HVAC maintenance for your outdoor HVAC unit is excellent for your home comfort and great for energy savings. Contact Jackson & Sons for your next heating and cooling service need.

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