Why These AC Noises Are Important To Watch For

Ac Noises

Ideally, the only AC noise you should hear in your house is the faint whoosh of cool comfort flowing into every room. Sometimes, however, that’s not the case. A central air conditioner incorporates several components that may, on occasion, be the source of a medley of AC noises.

Whether it’s a random annoyance or nonstop racket, a qualified HVAC technician has probably heard it all before and can recommend an effective solution to restore peace and quiet. Read on to learn more about some AC noises you might hear from your central unit and what they mean.


It may be the result of moving parts coming loose, which would typically be limited to the system blower fan or the pulley located in the central AC’s indoor air handler. However, if you’re hearing the noise coming from the outdoor unit, it’s more likely a problem with the system compressor.

Banging sounds can also be caused by metal HVAC ductwork expanding and contracting due to temperature changes as the system cycles on and off.

Loud Clicking

This sound may originate from the outdoor unit. When the thermostat signals for the system to cycle on, a solenoid switches the AC compressor to 220-volt power. Over the years, the heavy-duty capacitor that energizes the solenoid may eventually weaken, causing the solenoid to make a noisy clicking or “chattering” sound and, eventually, failing to activate the compressor. This requires professional service to diagnose and replace the part when you hear these AC noises.


This could be worn-out bearings in the indoor blower-fan motor. If it’s an older unit, the fan belt may be slipping on the fan pulley due to wear. If the squealing sound originates from the outdoor unit and tends to occur only when the unit first cycles on, it may be a leaking compressor that is releasing pressure. All these causes need to be investigated by a qualified professional.

Trying to ignore annoying AC noises? Contact the professionals at Jackson & Sons for qualified technical service to restore peace and quiet — along with cool comfort — to your home.

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