Spring cleaning your windows helps freshen up your home’s exterior and boosts its curb appeal. Having shiny, clean window panes enhances the aesthetics of your home, but to aid HVAC performance and improve energy efficiency, it’s essential to tackle window maintenance, too.

Understanding How Windows Affect Energy Efficiency

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heat gains and losses through the windows are responsible for up to 25-30 percent of a home’s HVAC energy consumption. Taking care of your windows with regular cleaning and maintenance can help improve their efficiency and curb this unnecessary energy waste. Better window efficiency also reduces your HVAC system’s workload, enhances its performance and helps extend the equipment’s service life.

Suggestions to Improve Window Efficiency

When completing your window cleaning regimen this spring, consider taking one (or more) of the following measures to increase their energy efficiency:

  • Before you clean and polish the panes, check each window for areas where caulk is missing/cracked or weatherstripping is missing/damaged. Remove any damaged materials and re-weatherize your windows to help stop conditioned air leakage.
  • If your windows are in poor condition overall, upgrading to new, more efficient units may be advisable. Buying acrylic or plexiglass inserts is a less costly alternative. These interior “storm windows” are custom made to fit snugly and halt air leaks.
  • If you’re cleaning casement or double-hung windows, pay extra attention to the moving parts and tracks. Getting rid of any collected debris in these areas is necessary so your windows can shut tightly and not leak air.
  • Update your home’s decor with insulated window treatments you can close to limit summer heat gain through the panes. Insulated curtains, shades or blinds can also help minimize heat loss through your windows in the winter, to provide energy savings year round.
  • Be sure to give your windows a thorough cleaning again in the fall, so more of the sun’s solar heat can enter through the glass and help warm your home’s interior during the winter.

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