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What Are the Effects of a Dry Winter Inside Your Home?
If summer is the season of humidity, winters can be the time of year for cold, dry air. It’s a fact of physics that colder…
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Want Lower Humidity at Home? Here’s How to Get It.
Lower humidity in a home can pay off via greater indoor comfort and a healthier indoor environment. According to the Mayo Clinic, most households should aim for…
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Do You Know the Best Methods for Home Mold Detection?
Have you been thinking about mold detection for your home? Some mold likely lurks somewhere in the majority of homes, but it's mostly very limited…
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Understand All the Pros and Cons of In-Home Humidity
What’s the right amount of in-home humidity for both comfort and health? The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends keeping indoor humidity levels in the range of…
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How You Can Eliminate Mold from Growing in Your Home
Proactive steps to eliminate household mold can ensure a healthier indoor environment now, as well as preventing future contamination. Microscopic mold spores exist everywhere in…
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Learn How to Lower Indoor Humidity in the Summer
Is indoor humidity really worse in summer, or does it just feel that way? It’s a little bit of both. In general, humidity is inevitably…
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This Humidity Level Is What You Should Strive for in Your Home
Is the normal humidity level in a home right for you? Most experts recommend keeping indoor humidity between 30% and 50%. Indoor humidity is strongly…
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Choosing Between a Humidifier or a Dehumidifier
Because the amount of water vapor present in indoor air directly impacts both comfort and a healthy environment, humidifiers and dehumidifiers play an important function…
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How to Know if You Need a Whole-House Dehumidifier
Summer in North Carolina is hot and sticky. The humidity isn't just uncomfortable; sometimes it can cause significant health problems, as well as other issues.…
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How Do You Know Which HVAC Upgrades to Get? Ask the Pros.
Investing in HVAC upgrades for your home’s heating and cooling system can help you save money on energy costs. These upgrades can also boost the…
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