Why You Should Know the Best Ways to Conserve Energy This Fall

Ways To Conserve Energy

Energy conservation has helped drive technological advancements across many industries. In the HVAC industry, heating and cooling systems are much more energy efficient today than they were just a decade or two ago. Conserving energy at home also makes you a more environmentally responsible consumer and keeps more of your money in your pocketbook. If helping the environment, saving money, and keeping your home more comfortable appeal to you, then read through the following ways to conserve energy at home.

Be Smart With Your Thermostat Settings

Since heating and cooling the average home accounts for about half of a household’s energy consumption, using the thermostat wisely when it comes to temperature settings can be one of the most effective ways to conserve energy. For home cooling, set the thermostat temperature to 78 degrees. For home heating, set the temperature to 68 degrees.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

Use ceiling fans year-round to help feel cooler in the summer and to distribute heated airflow more evenly during the winter. During the summer, ceiling fans should direct airflow downward to create a windchill effect. Change the direction of ceiling fans during the winter to draw air upward, both of which are good ways to conserve energy.

Get a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are called “smart” because they “learn” your cooling and heating habits. By doing this, smart thermostats can make temperature changes based on room occupancy and on the time of day or night. These automatic temperature changes alleviate the possibility that someone overlooks adjusting the thermostat when needed while giving you carefree comfort in your home. Furthermore, smartphone apps give you remote access.

Schedule Pro HVAC Maintenance

By keeping your heating and cooling system well maintained, your unit will keep your home more comfortable and use less energy. Professional precision maintenance tune ups are suggested for the heating and cooling system twice a year. Your certified HVAC technician is trained to optimize the system efficiency through cleaning, testing, inspecting, and taking system readings. Further, your HVAC technician can spot and fix potential problems before they become major and expensive issues.

To learn more about ways to conserve energy when using your HVAC system, contact Jackson & Sons in Eastern North Carolina today!

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