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Know the Attic Fan Benefits for Installing One in Your Home
Summer’s the season when attic fan benefits can really pay off. Solar heat accumulates in an enclosed attic on a hot summer day. When outdoor…
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How Much Ventilation Do You Need in Your Attic?
Proper attic ventilation is an all-season issue in many homes. Though the environment in the attic can affect the conditions in the rooms below in…
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How to Maintain Good Airflow in Your Home
Encouraging good airflow in your home helps you stay healthy and comfortable in your home, even with the well-known Eastern North Carolina humidity. Correctly using…
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Know Which Types of Vents Are Most Helpful in Your Home
Good air circulation isn't always easy to get in Eastern North Carolina's humid climate, but having the right vent types will help you enjoy a…
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Moisture, Mold & Your Bathroom Ventilation System
Adequate bathroom ventilation doesn’t happen by itself. Elevated humidity in the bathroom is more than the inconvenience of fogged mirrors after a hot shower. Condensation…
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HVAC Guide: Ventilation Terms
Ventilation terms describe differing approaches to indoor air quality. In the HVAC profession, the “V” stands for “ventilation.” Today, adequate fresh air ventilation throughout a…
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What Balanced Ventilation Means
Balanced ventilation means a controlled, equal volume of air is brought into and removed from your house at the same time. It’s the optimum condition…
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What Should You Consider for Your Laundry Room Ventilation?
Laundry room ventilation issues often come up during installation of a washer or dryer, or when the home is new or being remodeled. Ventilation is…
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Is Your Craft Room Properly Ventilated?
As enjoyable as it is to have an arts and craft room inside your home, you could be putting your health at risk if it…
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The Importance of Kitchen Ventilation for Thanksgiving
All the cooking involved in preparing a delicious Thanksgiving feast can make your home uncomfortably hot and humid. Take a proactive approach by implementing the…
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