Category: Energy Savings

What Are the Best Ways to Eco Upgrade Your Home?
An eco upgrade can be considered a win-win for the environment and you. It’s a welcome coincidence that an eco upgrade often contributes to improved…
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What to Do to Achieve HVAC Savings This Winter
After a long summer of keeping heat outdoors, the arrival of winter reverses this process. Now, the priority becomes holding heat inside the house. Maximizing…
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Is Temperature Balance Between Inside and Outside Important?
Temperature balance inside a home is a matter of controlling both heat loss and heat gain. Per the laws of thermodynamics, heat energy naturally moves…
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How Much Is Your Heating Bill Affected by the Region You Live In?
It’s no surprise that a heating bill will tend to differ based on specific geographic location. Here in North Carolina, for instance, we have our…
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What Are the Best Ways to Keep Commercial Heating Costs Down?
The cost of keeping your commercial building heated throughout the fall and winter months can quickly add up. If you’re trying to heat your building…
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How to Lower HVAC Costs in the Height of the Summer Heat
Lowering summer HVAC costs can have a major effect on the bottom line of any business. In many cases, keeping the premises cool in a…
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What Business Costs Crop Up in Summer but Not in Winter?
There are many different costs to consider when running a business — including several that are specific to summer in North Carolina when the heat…
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Can UV Rays That Come Into Your Home Be Filtered?
The sun’s ultraviolet rays, or UV rays, are known for being a health hazard with prolonged exposure, but could they also affect your HVAC system’s…
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How Do You Know Which HVAC Upgrades to Get? Ask the Pros.
Investing in HVAC upgrades for your home’s heating and cooling system can help you save money on energy costs. These upgrades can also boost the…
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Is Letting Your House Get Too Hot Really the Best Way to Save Money?
Is turning your A/C off while you’re at work a viable strategy to reduce monthly electrical expenses this spring and summer? Turning off any electricity-consuming…
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