Year: 2020

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What Are the Effects of Ice on Your Home’s Heating System?
How can ice effects impact your indoor comfort? After all, the ample BTUs generated by your heating system ought to make ice formation very unlikely,…
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The Most Efficient Ways of Heating Large Spaces
During Eastern North Carolina's wet, chilly winters, heating large spaces can get expensive fast without the right heating system, especially when it comes to commercial…
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What to Do to Achieve HVAC Savings This Winter
After a long summer of keeping heat outdoors, the arrival of winter reverses this process. Now, the priority becomes holding heat inside the house. Maximizing…
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Know Which Types of Vents Are Most Helpful in Your Home
Good air circulation isn't always easy to get in Eastern North Carolina's humid climate, but having the right vent types will help you enjoy a…
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Know the Top HVAC Questions to Ask of Your Service Technician
Any experienced heating and cooling service technician will tell you that they hear certain HVAC questions on a regular basis. It's no wonder, because there’s…
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Heating Your Attic and Garage? Here’s How to Do It Smartly.
Are attic and garage heating a good idea in winter? What are the potential benefits of attic and garage heating? To some extent, the interior…
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Tips for the Safest Holiday Decorations and How to Display Them
Each year around this time, emergency room statistics tell a not-so-festive tale: An average of 12,500 injuries annually are attributed to the installation and use…
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What a Weighty Snowfall Can Do to Your HVAC System
A weighty snowfall on exterior heating and cooling components weighs more than you might think. Just one inch of snow with typical moisture content weighs…
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What You Need to Know About Air Purifier Science
As indoor air quality in the home becomes a higher priority, air purifier science becomes more prominent at the consumer level. Achieving energy efficiency goals…
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Are HVAC Add-Ons Advised for Your Home System?
While your furnace and air conditioner may be performing up to specifications, certain HVAC add-ons can still enhance functionality and increase system efficiency. As a…
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