Year: 2021

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What Is Unhealthy Heat When It Comes to Setting Your Thermostat?
Unhealthy heat can refer to too little heat or too much. In winter, the goal of many people is simply optimum comfort day and night,…
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Keep Your HVAC System Up to Code This Winter
Is your HVAC system up to code? If it isn’t, does it matter? Building codes affect all aspects of construction, including central heating and air…
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Understand These Commonly Misunderstood HVAC Problems
Some HVAC problems have obvious solutions, while others are often misunderstood. Efficient, reliable heating and cooling involves the natural laws of physics, advanced technology, and…
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Learn the Relationship Between Allergens and Age
Allergens and age seem to go together because many individuals develop sensitivities later in life that were not an issue in younger years. Also, older…
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Learn Why a DIY HVAC Project Isn’t a Good Idea
If you’ve been thinking about tackling a DIY HVAC repair or replacement, don’t start just yet. Doing it yourself is a time-honored endeavor for many…
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Be on the Lookout for These Top Winter HVAC Safety Hazards
It’s the time of year for a reminder about potential winter HVAC safety hazards. Whether you use electric, natural gas or oil fuel, today’s heating…
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Know the Common Winter Allergens Most Likely to Cause Problems
Common winter allergens occurring during the dormant cold months of the year are generally a consequence of indoor-air-quality issues. Freezing weather eliminates most outdoor irritants,…
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What Issues Come Up with Commercial HVAC in Winter?
Potential issues affecting commercial HVAC in winter differ substantially from summer concerns. Frigid winter temperatures put stress on building systems, including HVAC, in specific ways.…
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Find Out How to Get the Best Air Circulation in Your Home
Optimum air circulation means keeping air moving to all living spaces in your home. Without adequate circulation of indoor air, certain areas of the house…
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How High Ceilings Affect HVAC Efficiency
High ceilings “open up” a room and create a spacious ambience. They also add design opportunities, such as skylights that bring more outdoor light into…
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