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I was able to remotely give them access with trust. We have known this company for years.
JERNIGAN - Atlantic Beach, NC 28512
Derek J.
Derek J. Checked in
Upon arrival tech inspected all 3 air handlers and all 3 dehumidifier drains. Tech found all the drains had some build up in the trap, cleaned with. Brush and blew nitrogen through drain lines. Dehumidifier for the first floor had water inside drain pan, used transfer pump to remove water and dehumidifier began working gain. All 3 systems were satisfied upon arrival and humidity levels were on the upper end of the acceptable levels. Everything is back operational at this time.
Atlantic Beach, NC 28512
Atlantic Beach, NC - Replace hose bib had to cut hose off old so I could get it off customer okay it
Norman  A.
Norman A. Checked in
Replace hose bib had to cut hose off old so I could get it off customer okay it
Atlantic Beach, NC 28512
Matthew L.
Matthew L. Checked in
Customer reported system not keeping up. Outdoor coil fins are corroding apart due to salt air. Tech found Goodman package unit running on arrival. Mobile home crawlspace is cool. Insulation is missing entirely from crawlspace subfloor and ductwork is laying on the ground without any clearance to properly hang it up. Suction pressure is slightly low. Superheat is high. System has no subcooling. Tech diagnosed system to be 1-2 lbs low on R410a. Tech recommended charging system today and getting quotes on outdoor coil and duct system. Did not recommend maintenance on outdoor coil due to fins falling apart. Need to call back on system and duct quote. Has an outdoor spigot that’s leaking. Need to schedule plumber.
Atlantic Beach, NC 28512
David  S.
David S. Checked in
-Replaced 30A Square D circuit breaker at heat pump outdoor disconnect with 25A Square D per unit data tag. Outdoor disconnect heavily corroded. Inspector may require replacement of internal cover or entire disconnect, per his/her discretion. Line side wiring not protected at entrance to back of disconnect. -Verified crawl space air handler “on unit” breaker sized appropriately as 60A per unit data tag. Replace wiring from sub panel to disconnect and disconnect to air handler. Replaced disconnect. Replace 40A square D breaker with 60A Square D breaker. Rewire low voltage wiring as appropriate. -Observed water leak near kitchen location in crawl space. Pictures/video attached to job. Recommend initiating plumbing service call.
Atlantic Beach, NC 28512
Landen  H.
Landen H. Checked in
Tech washed and serviced unit and found no challenges at this time unit is up and cooling with a delta of 24 condenser did have some external surface rust to be expected being on the coast no mechanical issues at this time.
Atlantic Beach, NC 28512
Matthew L.
Matthew L. Checked in
Tech performed CMA inspection on 3 geothermal split systems. Tech found Goodman air handler in second floor hallway not blowing any air due to blower motor overheated. Found 25uf blower capacitor unplugged. Tech turned off disconnect and plugged capacitor back in. Inspected 3 geothermal heat pump condensers. Geothermal condenser HP#1 appears to be leaking at the supply water solenoid onto wooden shelf. Tech let maintenance know. Need to call to quote solenoid replacement. Would require Teflon tape, eight inches of 1” PVC, and two 1” PVC couplings. After blower motor for second floor cooled, system is back operating correctly.
Atlantic Beach, NC 28512
Kenny C.
Kenny C. Checked in
Performed ESA, homeowner extended ESA. Recommended surge protection.
Atlantic Beach, NC 28512
Romario  T.
Romario T. Checked in
Wiring was correct, no improper wiring was found. Line voltage was being sent to the fan motor. Tech initially believed the fan motor had failed. Traced the wiring ll the way to the fan motor and found a burnt plug connection at the compressor compartment which is a quick disconnect for the fan motor. Water may have slipped inside the connection since it is located on a area where water can get in. Tech spliced the wires to the condenser fan motor, tested cooling afterwards and system came back on without challenges. Condenser fan motor is rated for 1.1 amps and it was pulling 9amps. System is Back operating. Service warranty per Jerry.
Atlantic Beach, NC 28512
Open T.
Open T. Checked in
Tech services unit and after service tech noticed thermostat blank tech got thermostat to come on system made loud popping noise and cut off tech reset breaker and inspected all wires and system cut back off. Tech was able to get system to come back on but outdoor fan no spinning. Tech smelled burnt rubber smell. Tech diagnosed our door fan failed another tech with fan will step out and replace motor. Tech believes motor was starting fail already as motor pulled somewhat high amps and motor is very rusty
Atlantic Beach, NC 28512
Percy M.
Percy M. Checked in
Atlantic Beach, NC 28512
Matthew L.
Matthew L. Checked in
Tech performed ESA maintenance on Trane split system. Replaced 20*20*1 standard non pleated filter in hallway with regular filter. Per Brandon, customer prefers media filter. Tech brought 20*25*3. The correct size is 20*20*3. Will need to return to install media filter for previously quoted price. Cleaned indoor coil and drain with water and nitrogen. Found no challenges with indoor unit. Inspected outdoor unit and cleaned carefully with brush due to no outdoor water access on roof. Outdoor unit is clean and free of debris, copper, aluminum and sheet metal surfaces show corrosion due to salt air. Capacitor, amp draws, and refrigerant pressures are within specs. Tech recommends customer clear out all items from HVAC and water heater closet. Boxes and items may block airflow or get wet in case of drain backup. Tech recommends removing items from auxiliary drain pan under air handler to prevent wet items from getting wall or floor wet in case of drain backup. Tech recommends not usin
Atlantic Beach, NC 28512
Very thorough
PALM - Atlantic Beach, NC 28512
Technician was very professional and focused on his work. Jackson and Sons provides outstanding service!
Charles - Atlantic Beach, NC 28512


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