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Jesse J.

Jesse J.

Tech preformed CMA INSPECTION on 20 Split Systems and 8 Mini Split Systems. Split System #14 operates in heat mode but faults out with low pressure fault due to failed cooling TXV. Tech has attached estimate to invoice for cost of replacing TXV. Tech will also have office contact with proposal to replace system for comparison. Split System #7 is still down due to previous diagnosis of leaking evaporator coil found in July of 2023. Split System #13 does operate but primary drain pan is broken in several places. System will have to be evacuated and evaporator coil removed to replace drain pan. Proposals for Split Systems #7 and #13 were sent in August of 2023. All other systems are operating at this time but require minor repairs. Tech has created estimates for minor repairs needed and attached them to invoice. Tech found from previous CMA visit in July of 2023 that all auxiliary drain pans did not have drain lines. Tech recommends adding drain lines to auxiliary pans and connecting them

Near Pine Plantation Pkwy, Bolivia, NC 28422
Romario  T.

Romario T.

Kitchen hood exhaust. Tested the kitchen exhaust hood and fresh air supply motor. Both are operating properly, the kitchen hood will bring a draft of outside air when it is turned on due to the fresh air supply turning on as well. Fresh air Supply goes straight down to the kitchen without conditioning the air, which is causing outdoor temperature air to enter them kitchen (hot air). Workers normally keep the kitchen hood off for that reason. Tech also noticed an electrical outlet exposed in the attic, maintenance worker stated that the. Previous supervisor left it at is due to having an electrical problem with the outlets in the attic, electrician may be needed to correct that. Tech spoke with jeff about the findings and emailing invoice. Kitchen is cooling at the time of arrival and departure.

Near Pine Plantation Pkwy, Bolivia, NC 28422
Jesse J.

Jesse J.

Tech preformed CMA FULL SERVICE on 20 split systems and 8 mini split systems. System #7 ( dining room) is down due to leaking evaporator coil and being void of refrigerant. Tech recommends replacing system. System #13 is operating at this time but Air Handler has a cracked primary drain pan causing condensation from coil to leak into cabinet. Labor of replacing drain pan is extensive because evaporator coil must be removed from unit. Tech recommends replacing unit. All other systems are operating at this time but some systems require some minor repairs. Tech has attached estimates to invoice for needed repairs. Tech has also attached system performance reports along with pictures to invoice. During service of Air handlers tech did notice that majority of the units had excessive condensation on cabinets and ductwork. Tech believes challenge is due to the attic being sealed with spray foam insulation with little to no ventilation causing a humidity issue. Tech recommends possible dehumid

Near Pine Plantation Pkwy, Bolivia, NC 28422


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