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Joshua C.
Joshua C. Checked in
Technician returned to replace inducer draft motor and igniter. Parts replaced without challenge. Technician cycled system a few times to ensure it would come on when needed. No further challenges found with furnace at this time. Agreed amount $908 plus tax billed out.
Red Springs, NC 28377
Jesse J.
Jesse J. Checked in
Tech preformed CMA INSPECTION on 5 Split Systems, 1 Air Make-up Unit, and 1 Exhaust Fan. Tech came out on January 25, 2024 for No Heat Service Call on System #4. Tech found that inducer motor had challenges and was beginning to fail. Tech also found hot surface ignition had failed, he also found heat exchanger was showing signs of rust and developing cracks. He recommended Gas Furnace be replaced. Condenser Unit and Evaporator Coil for System are operating within specifications. Air Makeup Unit is still not operating due to motor being locked up. This was found during first CMA VISIT back in August of 2023. Tech still recommends replacing unit. Split System #5 is operating within specifications, however management complains about very little air reaching front office and back office. Duct work is in good shape but Supply lines for both are at the end of ductwork. There are multiple resolutions for challenge, tech will advise office of challenge and office will contact customer with bes
Red Springs, NC 28377
Matthew L.
Matthew L. Checked in
1142* Jermane 910-316-5029 Jermane on site reported furnace 4 not heating. Stopped working and also making a loud noise. Tech found a nail in the inducer wheel. Tech removed the nail. Inducer is still running loudly. Bearings in inducer are making a grinding sound. After removing nail, pressure switch closed, but burners did not light due to a failed hot surface igniter. It is getting 120 volts but not heating up. Tech ohmed igniter and read OL across leads. Tech removed evaporator panel to inspect heat exchanger. There are several long rust lines on heat exchanger tubing, but it does not look like it has cracked all the way through. To repair furnace, we would need to order a new igniter and inducer assembly. Due to poor condition of heat exchanger, tech recommends replacing entire furnace. Furnace 4 is twinned to gas furnace 1. Gas furnace 1 is heating correctly. Tested cooling cycle for system 4. Dual run capacitor is in specs. Delta T is 15. Need to get repair vs replace o
Red Springs, NC 28377
Jesse J.
Jesse J. Checked in
Tech returned to preform approved repairs. Tech wired up primary float switch to low voltage side of furnace. Verified system was operating. Tech then replaced Run Capacitor on AC Condenser #3. Tech also replaced Dual Run capacitor on AC Condenser #4. Tech has attached pictures to invoice.
Red Springs, NC 28377
Jesse J.
Jesse J. Checked in
Techs preformed CMA FULL SERVICE on 5 split systems, 1 exhaust fan and 1 air makeup unit. The air makeup unit has voltage going to unit but fan motor is locked up and there is a bearing missing on blower shaft. Tech recommends replacing air makeup unit. Split System #3 is operating but compressor is operating at higher amps than listed on data label. Compressor also tested in the caution range, and unit is in need of Run capacitor. Tech recommends replacing system. All other systems are operating at this time, with only needing minor repairs on systems #4 and #5. Tech has attached estimates for these repairs to invoice. Also tech has attached system performance reports along with pictures to invoice. Maintenance staff informed techs that they had issues with ductwork leaking water around supply vents. Tech inspected supply vents that were under question and found vent did have water leaking from them but source of issue was not in AC system or ductwork. Supply vents have water lines ru
Red Springs, NC 28377


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