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Jackson and Son is a trusted contractor in Willow Springs, NC for Air Conditioning Services and Heating services. You can trust our technicians to be fully trained and licensed, professional and clean and treat your home and equipment with respect. We specialize in AC Repair, Energy Efficient AC Replacement, Indoor Air Filtration and many other HVAC related services.


How much does it cost to replace my HVAC system near Willow Springs?

A complete HVAC replacement costs between $5,000 and $10,000. The cost of the replacement unit covers installation, removal, and disposal. Your estimate is based on the kind you now have and the size of the system you intend to purchase. It may be less expensive than a completely new installation.

Why isn't my home air conditioner keeping my Willow Springs area home cold?

Clogged filters are one of the most typical causes of AC problems. Filters can become clogged by dirt, pet hair, pollen, and dust. When filters get blocked, the movement of air through your AC becomes restricted. As a consequence, your air conditioner does not efficiently chill your interior air. Filters that are clogged can also disrupt the operation of your system's interior evaporator coil and outdoor condenser unit.

The simplest method to avoid problems with clogged filters is to clean them on a regular basis and replace them as needed. We recommend that you replace them every three months. Those who have pets may need to change their filters more frequently.

How do I know if my indoor air is clean near Willow Springs?

If your indoor air is clean you should not see any of these three major warning signs. 

  1. Coughing, along with difficulty breathing, are among the most common signs of poor air quality. The concentration of particles in the air may be the source of these respiratory difficulties due to a lack of ventilation. Without sufficient air circulation, fresh oxygen in the room will dwindle.
  2. Sneezing, along with coughing and breathing problems, is another sign. It may also be accompanied by watery eyes and nose and throat discomfort. These symptoms are also indicators of potential allergic responses.
  3. Too much dust! Make it a point to keep the dust buildup under control by cleaning on a regular basis. Investing in a basic feather duster and using it a few times each week will help keep dust and debris out of your home's air.

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